Aquarion AG announces a bond issue.

Aquarion AG announces a bond issue.

Aquarion Products GmbH, Vienna, a subsidiary of Aquarion AG, Switzerland, will shortly issue a 7.5% bond with a term of 3 years. The bond will be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The total volume is up to 10,000,000 EUR. The funds will be used to finance growth and to launch the ground-breaking Aquacritox technology, a process for the efficient purification of highly contaminated wastewater. In addition, refinancing is carried out from short-term to longer-term financing.

The subscription period starts on 1.9.2019, value date is 1.10.2019.

The Aquarion Group is a water technology company that builds plants and machinery for the production of process water for various industries, as well as wastewater plants for these industries. A particular key point of the group is the "Recycling & Reuse" of water. In this case, either the treatment of the wastewater for use as process water or the supply for other uses.

In addition to this industry-focused plant construction, the Aquarion Group also plans and builds seawater desalination plants and drinking water treatment systems for the municipal sector. The group operates internationally and its strength lies in the broad technological orientation of the group, which covers all state of the art technologies.

Aquarion is therefore a sustainable form of investment, as Aquarion significantly reduces water consumption through its effective and efficient approach, optimizes energy consumption through energy recovery systems and also produces anaerobic biogas plants.

About Aquarion Group

Aquarion Group ( is a leading provider of advanced water systems, solutions and technologies for the oil & gas industry, the energy sector and other process industries. Aquarion Group offers highly competitive solutions across all five major approaches of water purification: membranes, chemical, biological, physical and thermal. The company has operations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, UK, the UAE, Chile, Russia, Southeast Asia and Australia.

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