ZURICH, 16 October, 2018 –Aquarion Group, a leading provider of advanced water treatment solutions and technologies for the oil & gas industry, the energy sector and other process industries, has established a new Products and Equipment Division. Called Aquarion Products, the new division will be run as a standalone entity, enabling Aquarion Group to market its products and equipment directly to OEMs and end-users around the world, independently from its solutions business that is now consolidated under H+E Group.                                                                                                           

Headquartered in Vienna, Aquarion Products houses a robust portfolio of acquired technologies such as a range of Circular Disc (CD) modules and low footprint TOVEKO Sand Filters, as well as other high performance products and systems developed through in-house research & development such as the high rate clarifier FLOCOPAC® flocculation and precipitation reactor as well as containerized BIOFIT®.Watercell MBR and containerized RO units, SecureChem™ 24/7 chemical dosing system from Intermediate Bulk Containers, and Functional Water Systems to improve component cleaning efficiency.

According to Aquarion Group Chief Executive Officer Karl Michael Millauer, the company will continue to add to its products offering through strategic acquisitions as a result of recent funding by Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF).

“The decision to create a separate entity strictly for products opens the door to new sales opportunities around the world. We have already built a strong competitive advantage in our product portfolio through acquisitions of companies with breakthrough Intellectual Property (IP) as well as continued in-house research and development, and we will continue to strengthen our product portfolio as part of a strategic plan to become a global leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry,” said Millauer.

About Aquarion Group

Aquarion Group ( is a leading provider of advanced water systems, solutions and technologies for the oil & gas industry, the energy sector and other process industries through H+E Group, its EPC and turnkey solutions operating company,as well as a comprehensive array of high performance products and equipment through its Aquarion Products division. Aquarion Group offers highly competitive solutions across all four major approaches of water purification: chemical, biological, physical and by membranes. The company has operations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, UK, the UAE, Chile, Russia, Australia and Southeast Asia. 

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