COLOGNE, Germany, 30 January 2018 – Membran-Filtrations-Technik GmbH (MFT), an Aquarion Group company, has introduced containerized desalination systems for producing drinking water from either seawater or brackish water. The MFT RO 100 Desalination System is powered with only wind and solar energy, which is stored in lithium-ion batteries and has a capacity of up to 120 l/h drinking water output. The energy sources are 7,5KWp PV and 350W Wind turbine. The MFT RO 100 Desalination System is ideal for low-power decentralized applications in remote locations where the energy supply is scarce.

The MFT RO 100 has a remote-control system, enabling the company to monitor performance real-time from its headquarters in Cologne. The system records the weather conditions, how much electricity is being provided by wind and solar sources, how much water is being produced, and at what quality. If drinking water quality were to fall below a certain limit, the system switches off automatically. Each system is pre-tested and pre-configured and is delivered as “plug and play” for simple installation.

The first plant was shipped to a school in La Guajira, Colombia. This was a first step to operate a large number of decentralized standalone and CO2-free drinking water systems via a centralized cloud-based platform powered exclusively by renewable energies.

This MFT RO 100 can mix and match different raw water qualities (sweet/salt water) and different water output quantities. Power production and power use can be freely adjusted for different purposes. Typical applications for these small desalination systems include the production of potable water in individual homes, restaurants, small businesses, tourist resorts, remote camp sites, labor camps, smaller villages or communities with seawater or brackish raw water as the feedwater source.

“With this developed drinking water system fully based on renewable energy and cloud-based remote control, we can produce drinking water at the lowest prices. We expect that this plug and play product will be sold a large number to all remote locations,” said Karl Michael Millauer, CEO of Aquarion Group.

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