BAAR, Switzerland, March 17, 2014 – Aquarion Group, a global water treatment solutions provider, introduces ZLD-ECO, an advanced hybrid Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system that further optimizes the ZLD process.

ZLD-ECO utilizes innovative, proprietary pre-treatment processes to reduce thermal treatment, resulting in lower energy and chemical consumption and reduced capital cost.  ZLD-ECO lowers energy consumption by capturing and reusing the waste energy and recycling it for application in other process steps. This energy return optimizes flux rates with respect to membrane technologies.

ZLD-ECO provides high recovery rates of 90-99 percent, depending on the source water.

Aquarion is pleased to introduce ZLD-ECO, which expands the range of zero liquid discharge technologies in our portfolio. The term ‘ECO’ emphasizes the highly economical aspects of this system. We believe that, with its lower CAPEX and OPEX, ZLD-ECO is the lowest cost technology available to achieve zero liquid discharge,” said Karl Michael Millauer, Chief Executive Officer of Aquarion Group.

ZLD-ECO features a modular, compact design with short production times that can be easily scaled up from plants that produce as little as 1 cubic meter per hour (m³/h) of treated water to more than 1000 m³/hr based on the system configuration,the type of source water and its specific chemistry. It can be used to treat salt water, industrial sewage, process water and recycled water. It also allows for the removal and recycling of expensive materials in the wastewater – for example, metals like silver, nickel or copper used in the electroplating process.

The ZLD-ECO system is engineered with materials that are distinctive for their material properties, such as heat transfer coefficients as well as resistance and low adhesion level regarding materials of any kind. ZLD-ECO can be used for a variety of applications including power plants, mining, the chemical and electroplating industries, upstream oil and gas, both on- and off-shore, and downstream oil & gas facilities.

In addition to ZLD-ECO, Aquarion Group also offers other ZLD solutions such as evaporator-based systems and hybrid ZLD that includes both evaporative and membrane-based technologies.

ZLD systems are used by industrial and municipal plants to treat and recycle wastewater and eliminate the discharge of this effluent into the environment. ZLD has become increasingly important in helping plants comply with strict environmental and water reuse guidelines. For more information, please visit


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