With continuous depletion of fresh water sources and stricter environmental regulations, recycle- reuse has become inevitable for the chemical industry. The chemical industry is one of the most water-intense industries across different market segments. Water and wastewater treatment differs for each unit depending upon the nature of effluent, fresh water, process requirement, and environment regulations for discharge.

AQUARION provides a range of innovative solutions depending upon requirement. AQUARION’s in-depth process knowledge and technological expertise provides end-to-end solutions covering the entire operational cycle utilizing various technologies such as ion exchange, membrane technologies, chemical flocculation/precipitation treatment systems, incorporate filtrations system, flotation units and disinfection or sludge dewatering.

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
Recycling + Reuse Technologies
Hybrid Systems
Process water
Demin water 
Wastewater Treatment Systems including enhanced moving bed bioreactor technology (MBBR)