Mining Water Treatment



AQUARION provides cutting edge and innovative technological solutions for mining water treatment and mining wastewater treatment, such as acid mine drainage treatment, precious metals recovery, waste water treatment systems for hazardous and toxic elements, e.g. arsenic, cyanide etc., volume reduction of tailings, recycle and reuse of wastewater and Zero Liquid Discharge.

AQUARION also provides containerized units, outsourcing services and rental units for currently operating mines as well as mining water treatment and wastewater treatment during mine closure.

Wastewater Treatment Systems
ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
Recycling + Reuse Technologies
AMD (Acid Mined Drainage Technologies)
Seawater RO
Metal Recovery (Cu, Au, Mo etc.)
Ammonium removal
Cyanide & Arsenic removal
Volume reduction of tailings
Wastewater & water treatment solutions for mine closure