Steel and coke industry


Water plays a very important role in all production stages of the steel production and metals industry. 80 % of the process water is used as a cooling agent. Recycling and reuse of water is becoming unavoidable to meet the rising demands of the industry and adhere to stricter environmental regulations.

The coke industry is one of the most water-intense industries across the segment. Wastewater from the coke industry is mainly loaded with organic substances because of the genesis of the coal and the coke process. Depending on the deposit, the coal has different contents of inorganic salts such as chlorides and nitrogen compounds which makes such an effluent one of the most difficult effluents to treat.

AQUARION provides a range of innovative solutions depending upon requirement and nature of the effluent. Technologies used in the steel and coke industry include but are not limited to cooling tower and cooling water circuits, heat recovery, chemical/physical treatment methods, as well as waste water treatment by means of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment followed by an AOP.

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
Recycling + Reuse Technologies
Hybrid Systems
Process water
Demin water
Wastewater Treatment Systems including enhanced moving bed bioreactor technology (MBBR)