Food & Beverage Water Purification Systems

Water Purification and Waste Treatment in the Food Processing Industry



AQUARION group companies have project experience in the food and beverage industry that reaches back over 35 years. In particular, AQUARION group companies have provided nearly 40 world class installed systems for the sugar industry, which has lent AQUARION, industry-leading experience in global-scale waste treatment in the food processing industry.


AQUARION provides a range of water purification systems, wastewater treatment systems and services to the Food & Beverage sector.

Chemical – Physical – Mechanical Pre-treatment
Biological wastewater treatment systems
- Anaerobic treatment with energy and heat recovery
- Aerobic treatment
Nitrification and Denitrification
Elimination of nitrogen, phosphorus and color by means of multistage bio-filtration system
Membrane processes e.g. Biological Membrane Bioreactor Energy- and cost-efficient sludge treatment by anaerobic digestion
CHP (Combined heat and Power systems) etc.

As a leading international process and wastewater treatment company we have developed many well-respected solutions for recycling resources. We implement – from the integration of existing systems to the design of new systems – turnkey projects including cogeneration technology for combined energy and heat recovery; taking into account, at all times, to significantly saving energy costs worldwide.