Functional Water Systems

Functional Water Systems


Improve Component Cleaning Efficiency

What is Functional Water?
Functional Water is Ultrapure Water to which a small concentration of a pure gas has been added. It is not always appreciated that Ultrapure Water on its own is actually quite “aggressive”. However, when one adds a small concentration of a number of pure gases, this property increases dramatically, to the extent that it can be used for a range of component cleaning duties with a number of major production benefits. The actual use of the Functional Water and the consequent benefits to the user depend on which gas is dissolved in the Ultrapure Water. A range of different types and sizes of units is available.

Range of Hydrogen Functional Water Units
The standard range of units available produces from 300 to 3,600/h of Hydrogen Functional Water. Larger capacity units can be produced where required.

Other Functional Water Types
As mentioned before a range of unit types is available, including Ammonia, Nitrogen and Ozone.

Benefits of Functional Water Units:

1. Virtually Zero Chemical Consumption
The normal range of chemicals used in the “standard” SC-1 process is no longer required. Use of hydrogen Functional Water is sufficient to ensure ultra-efficient removal of particles from components. In fact, as the graph below shows, it can do so in less time than the classic process, thereby helping to improve production output. Cleaning takes place at room temperature, thereby also eliminating heating costs.

2. Reduced Ultrapure Water Consumption
If you don’t use large quantities of chemicals for removal of particles, you do not then need to rinse those chemicals from the components. This makes the cleaning process quicker and dramatically reduces consumption of the expensive-to-produce ultrapure water.

3. Reduced Wastewater Production
Clearly, if you consume less Ultrapure Water, you also have less wastewater to then treat, and what you do produce contains very little chemical contaminants. This means that you also:


Reduce the amount of chemical used in your wastewater treatment plant and


Produce less sludge that must be removed off-site for disposal and


Reduce the overall Environmental Impact of your production.


Have the possibility to recycle and re-use the water.



If this interests you, please download our Brochure and Reference List:

Functional Water Brochure

Functional Water Reference List