Oil Water Treatment


Capture the pollution with Sorbfloc®

Sorbfloc® is manufactured with patented and proprietary processes owned by our manufacture partner FMC Corporation through FMC Biopolymer. It basically consists of hydrocolloid extracts of sea weed, red algae, micro crystalline cellulose or pectin. All natural products from renewable scources. The Sorbwater Process Technologies is based on bringing Sorbfloc® in contact with the contamination in the waste water in a continuous water flow, by online dosing and extremely efficient mixing it into the waste water. Sorbfloc® can be dosed and mixed into the waste water stream as dry powder, concentrated slurry, or premixed in makeup water.

SWT (SorbWater Technology) owns IPR rights to a new application of these hydrocolloids used, in combination with or by addition of, mono-/divalent-/or multivalent ions. The hydrocolloid simply encapsulates all and any oil droplets or particles in water. By cross linking reactions with these ions the hydrocolloid and the encapsulated pollution gels into super strong conglomerates which can be removed by conventional methods for separation from water. This enables a new era for cyclones, centrifuges, separators, flotation units, membranes, filters and screens in water and waste water treatment.


Applications of Sorbfloc®:

  • 1. Sorbfloc® can be used for separation of any particle substance or oil droplet from water. Sorbfloc® can be used in pH range 4-13,5 in the water.
  • 2. Sorbfloc® can be used in temperature range 0 – 100 deg. C.
  • 3. Sorbfloc® can be used for splitting chemical as well as mechanical emulsions in water.
  • 4. Sorbfloc® can be used in sweet water as well as concentrated brines.
  • 5. Sorbfloc® can be used directly in front of most separation devices (no reaction time or flocculator needed).
  • 6. Sorbfloc® can be used as pretreatment for disinfection processes (UV, chemical etc).
  • 7. Sorbfloc® can be used as pretreatment for reverse osmosis and ion exchange (desalination).



Separate the captured pollution in Sorbsep™

Sorbsep™ is a patent pending separation device designed especially to separate hydrocarbons from Produced Water in Oil & Gas Industry. It is extremely compact and space saving. Sorbsep™ is meeting today’s regulatory requirements, and has up to 99% removal efficiency when combined with Sorbfloc®.

Sorbsep™ is maintenance free and has no moving parts. A Sorbsep™ tank sized to a total volume of 3,2 m3 will be able to treat 250 m3/h and 6 000 m3 /day, given “normal” composition of produced water.

Successfully on and offshore tested in comparison with best available technology (BAT).

Typical discharge of hydrocarbons after treatment is 1-5 ppm.



Polish the 1-5 remaining ppm hydrocarbons with Sorbpol™

Sorbpol™ is a patent pending polishing reactor designed to polish hydrocarbons from oily water such as Slop Water and Produced Water in Oil & Gas Industry to real Zero Discharge. Sorbpol™ is a fully automated, compact, robust and reliable polishing reactor that eliminates clogging problems and filter changes / logistics. It is designed with a high priority to operate on its own to enable the rig crew to focus on their ordinary tasks, rather than do frequent replacement of filters.

Sorbpol™ is the final treatment step in the “The Sorbwater Process”***, and it have completed our product line and enabled us to offer real Zero Discharge systems to custo