AQUARION is known for its innovative, economical and compact water and wastewater treatment solutions in the oil and gas industry.


AQUARION provides a range of process equipment and services to both the upstream oil and gas market.


Produced Water Treatment Process 
Sludge Dewatering
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
Shale Gas + Recycling Technologies
Separation Technologies
Seawater Reverse Osmosis
Low Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery
Sulphate Removal Systems (SRD)
Sludge de-oiling
Formation water
Water treatment for injection

Process Water 
Condensate Polishing
Wastewater Treatment 
Spent Caustic Treatment
Recycling, Reuse
Sulphate Removal Packages (SRP)
Seawater treatment for injection
Produced Water Treatment Process
Water Maker (Potable water for offshore platforms)


Produced Water Treatment Systems
Desalination Technologies
ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)
Separation Technologies
Oil-Water Separation
Recycling + Reuse Technologies
SRP (Sulphate Removel Package)

AQUARION develops cutting edge innovative technologies and know-how of the applications including surface water filtration, modular evaporator systems, membrane technologies, demineralization systems (ion exchange, EDI), condensate polishing (CPP), topside seawater coarse filtration, seawater de-aeration, conditioning, sulphate removal packages (SRP), brackish and seawater desalination systems, reduced footprint desalination (REDft® AQUARION) low salinity systems, oily water separation, dissolved air flotation, biological systems (MBBR, SBR, IAS), membrane-based waste water treatment systems, Forward Osmosis (FO), brine concentration, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and crystallizer. AQUARION is committed to provide solutions which are an ideal fit for the respective application by means of innovative and cutting edge technologies.