Miscellaneous Separators



Hydrocyclone based process systems are the most cost-effective solution for tough produced water treatment clean up. Located directly downstream on the water outlet of the production separator, and upstream of the water level control valve, these systems operate in a proportional "pressure ratio" control manner.

Deoiler hydrocyclones are pressure drop dependant, where fluids are directed into the deoiler tube causing the fluids to spin under a centrifugal force. These strong forces cause the two immiscible liquids (oil and water) to separate. The heavier water phase is forced outward toward the cyclone wall, and the lighter oil phase migrates toward the


By accurately controlling the pressures across the hydrocyclone, the water phase is sent in one direction, downward, to the underflow, and the oil phase is sent in the opposite direction, upward, to the overflow.  The process is a simple and effective separator, with a 2-3 second retention time, and no moving parts.



The Clarifier/Thickener is a high-rate solids contact clarifier which combines optimized flocculation, internal and external sludge recirculation, and plate settling in two conjoined vessels to achieve very high hydraulic loading and treatment efficiencies. The proprietary blend of energy input and high volume solids recirculation causes the weight of the sludge to increase more rapidly than its volume.

The Clarifier/Thickener is effective for lime softening of ground or surface waters, tertiary treatment of wastewater, and precipitation of metal hydroxides from waste streams. It can accommodate a wide range of flow rates and solids variations.