Municipal technologie


A constantly increasing urban population, water scarcity, meeting environmental regulations and wastewater discharge are huge challenges for municipal authorities.

The urbanization and growing population show the pressing need for effective water and wastewater treatment systems. Water supply and sanitation are the two main areas of concern to meet continuously widening supply demand gap.

Aquarion serves municipal authorities by providing solutions for sewage water treatments, sewage recycle, drinking water treatment,  as well as desalination for communities and industrial units. Aquarion provides standardized and tailor made solutions to address clients` needs. The solutions provided by Aquarion are perfectly suited to solve problems using integrated technologies. Those technologies include  biological solutions based on the Aquarion differentiating processes combined with filtration and membrane technologies (RO, NF, UF, and MF) and thermal treatment units. 

Drinking water treatment
Decentralized Potable water treatment
Sewage water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Recycle – reuse
Desalination for communities and Industries