Pharmaceutical Water


AQUARION not only ensures a reproducibility of the quality of the pharmaceutical water across the entire lifecycle of water treatment systems but also energy and water efficiency are key to Aquarion systems.


AQUARION provides a wide range of ultrapure water systems and wastewater treatment systems and services to the pharmaceutical sector, which include:

Raw water pre-treatment
Generation of PW & HPW
Generation of WFI
Pure Steam Generation
Distribution and storage systems
Wastewater treatment
Thermal decontamination

Water is one of the essential raw products for medicinal products, and an important tool for cleaning the systems used to produce pharmaceuticals. The quality specifications as well as the specific design demands for the water treatment systems for pharmaceutical segment is very high.

Whether it is a membrane process, chemical and thermal procedures or intelligent sanitation concepts are required, AQUARION group companies have been supporting customers who operate all over the world for more than 80 years with turnkey and standard solutions which meet the highest international quality, documentation and valuation criteria.