Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater Treatment

Water plays a very important role in the pulp and paper industry. In the production of paper, water is required for the processing (as diluting agent, transport medium of the fibers, fillers and additives), to auxiliary purposes (seal water, cooling water) and cleaning purposes (screening and felt cleaning, system cleaning). Water is recirculated several times within the process (as high as ten passes). This leads to an intense process as well as an industrial wastewater treatment requirement.

AQUARION provides a wide range of pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment technologies for the removal of organics and solids via pre-treatments, anaerobic and aerobic biological treatments of wastewater even with energy and heat recovery in CHP units.



Process water and boiler feed water treatment
Wastewater treatment systems including
Mechanical-physical pre-treatments
State-of-the-art anaerobic and aerobic treatment technologies
Advanced Oxidation Processes for the reduction of residual COD
Water recycling and re-use technologies
Sludge treatment and de-watering
CHP (Combined heat and Power systems) etc.