TOVEKO Filters

TOVEKO Filters


TOVEKO filters are 2.3m high and therefore fit inside a standard height room. This minimises building costs and ensures that enclosing them in a kiosk means that they blend into the environment at sensitive sites. It also means that when the clarifier feeding them is at ground level, they are fed by gravity, avoiding the need for a pump transfer system. Even if the clarifier is installed below ground, the filter can be installed in a “dry well” to minimise the visual effect on the environment.

The automatic control system automatically monitors pressure drop across the filter bed. When this is zero (no flow), operation of the filter stops automatically. When flow re-starts, pressure drop across the filter bed re-starts operation, including re-starting of automatic sand washing. If pressure drop increases above “normal” level, the rate of sand washing automatically increases to compensate. If this does not solve the problem, sand washing rate increases a second time and provides an alarm. The sand washer itself is unique, ensuring excellent cleaning of the dirty sand AND removal of sticky substances such as polyelectrolyte and oil from the sand grains. TOVEKO filters are widely used for removal of oil in a range of applications such as refineries, harbours etc.

Finally, washing of the filter bed while it is in use means that a standby filter, and separate backwashing system with associated tanks, pumps etc. is not required. There are literally hundreds of TOVEKO filters in successful operation worldwide.

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